How to Get a Job (Probably)


To a college freshman, job hunting and starting a career path may seem like ages away. However, within my first two weeks as Villanova School of Business student, I had face to face conversations with representatives and employees of each of the Big Four accounting firms. Throughout our discussions, these highly paid, recent Villanova graduates never failed to mention the importance of building a resume as soon as possible. While it may have been a quick and rude awakening to the real world, these firms made it clear to me that success in the business world could actually be right around the corner… if I had a winning resume!

The Villanova University Career Center holds numerous “How to: Write a Winning Resume” sessions for students of all ages and future careers. Here, professionals will walk through the resume building process to ensure that each student can use this essential piece of a job application to their advantage. First of all, we were asked to perform a self assessment and brainstorm our greatest strengths, possible careers, and plethora of past experiences that have shaped you as a person. Then, it was explained that this information can essentially be used as the backbone and outline of our resume. Just like that, a rough draft has been created with the use of a simple self assessment.

Then, you can take your outlined list of skills and experiences to follow the formatting instructions provided in a take home packet. With this, your resume will be broken down into subcategories such as “honors/awards”, “education”, and “employment”. In doing this, the importance of explaining each experience is stressed. Furthermore, the packet provides a list of “functional verbs” to elevate your personal evaluation of each activity listed throughout the resume.

Finally, before going through example resumes of students with different backgrounds, careers, and experiences, we were offered some helpful hints and basic things to keep in mind with our resume. From this, my favorite takeaway was the idea of seeking advice from your peers, professors, and anyone whose input you trust. This way, you can make an ultimate decision and hopefully interweave other ideas and suggestions into your final product to make it as effective as possible.

Ultimately, the importance of an impressive resume is obvious. Although, it can be tricky to effectively execute this information to your future employers. According to a fellow “Wordspace” Blogger, 75% of job applicants are denied based on their resume alone. Clearly, most job applicants have plenty of room for improvement on their resume. Thankfully, I was able to receive this advice at a very early stage, and am looking forward to continuing to build my resume to its fullest potential!


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